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Best Fence Company In Colorado OPENED ALL SEASON Need help? Call the Pros!

Best Fence Company In Colorado OPENED ALL SEASON Need help? Call the Pros!

Best Fence Company In Colorado OPENED ALL SEASON Need help? Call the Pros! Best Fence Company In Colorado OPENED ALL SEASON Need help? Call the Pros!

We At Pro Fencing And Landscaping Provide Guaranteed Work With 100% Satisfaction. Give Us A Call For A Free stimate.


Need Help With Snow Removal

Reasons to Hire a Snow Removal Service

1. Correct Snow Removal Equipment

2. Prevents Injuries

3. Reduces Stress

4. Avoid Fines

5. Snow Removal Completed on Time/When You Are Too Busy

About Us


Pro Fencing is a leader in the commercial and residential fence industry.

Pro Fencing is committed to serving all customers, from government agencies, municipalities and corporations to the residential homeowner, with courtesy and expertise. We're always working to improve our standards and service to meet today's challenges while remaining dedicated to providing superior products and performance.

Pro Fencing Pledge

  • To approach all jobs with prompt, professional courtesy.
  • To accept all jobs with dedication to quality service and attention to detail.
  • To accomplish all jobs by offering the best value for investment.

Benefits Of Power-Wasing The Fence

Power-Washing The Fence

Wood is strong but it isn’t impervious to the power of mother nature. As storms roll through and wind kicks up, fences are prone to damage from moisture, temperature changes, dirt, and mildew. Power washing your fence washes out all of that dirt and mildew, and it prepares your wood surface for a new coat of finish.


Benefits Of Staining

  • Prevention of Rotting. A high-quality, properly applied stain, such as the pre-staining done, will help prevent water from getting into your wood fence. ...
  • Limit UV Damage. ...Limit UV Damage. ...
  • Prevention of Splitting. ...
  • Enhance Wood Grain. ...
  • Increase Lifespan


Design Gate Or Fence

We at Pro Fencing can help you Build a more than a normal Fence like a design fence. So let us know if you want a cool or a style fence. We can help. We have many styles to choose from. 

Ever thought about getting a Horizontal Fence?

Horizontal Fence

Customers often choose horizontal woodfencing because they can create a completely customized property environment. 



On slopes or areas with erosion problems, sod works as a blanket to help hold soil in place from the start. Flexibility in timing. Sod can be installed anytime in the growing season, except in very high heat. Sod roots fastest when laid during the period of peak growth for the type of grass involved.

Is it better to plant grass seeds or sod?

Sod is not known for shade tolerance. Sod is also the cleanest choice; not a lot of dust or mud. Seed – Though it can take longer to establish a dense lawn, over time I think seed edges out sod on quality. There are more grass types and varieties to choose from so can select a turf you know will grow well in your area.

Benefits Of Sod:

* A Sod Lawn Produces A Finished Lawn Immediately And It Is Instantly Attractive.

* A Sod Lawn Is Healthier Because It Is Grown Professionally.

* Sod Makes For A Denser Lawn.

* Sod Has No Weeds.

* Sod Prevents Soil Erosion


Grass Seeds

Lawns are for more than just looks. Maintaining a healthy, thick lawn also benefits the environment. Unlike hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and wood, lawn grass helps clean the air, trap carbon dioxide, reduce erosion from storm water runoff, improve soil, decrease noise pollution, and reduce temperature.

Benefits of Grass Seeds:

* Less Expensive.

* More Choices.

* Less Labor Intensive.

* Established In Place.



Weed Pulling

Pulling weeds can be a pain. Literally.  (And if you’re dealing with thistle, it’s more than a pain, it’s a nightmare.) It’s a drain on your time and energy. Is it even worth it to pull weeds? Yes, Need help call the Pros.

Reason For Weed Pulling:

* Weeds Block Out Sunlight And Steal Water.

* Weeds Crowd Out Your Crops Space.

* Weeds Hide Your Crop.

* Weeds Camouflage Pests And Disease.

* Weeds Can Create A Habitat For Pests To Overwinter.

* Crop Diseases.

*Weeds May Contain Allelopathic Compounds.

* Weeds Are A Problem That Will Only Get Worse.



What is the use of mulch?

One of the best benefits of any mulch is its ability to retain moisture in the soil. Organic mulches break down over time and contribute to soil health. This can be very helpful, especially if your soil fertility is poor. Mulch reduces winter injury and helps with weed control.

What is wood mulch good for?

Organic mulch materials, such as wood chips or leaves, break down over time. The decomposing mulch adds nutrient-rich organic matter to the soil. These nutrients feed the plants and organisms living in the planting area covered with mulch.

Mulch instantly gives your landscape a beautiful, finished appearance, but the advantages go far beyond simply elevating the look or value of your home or business, especially when you choose a natural-based mulch over one made of rubber or gravel.

How Mulching Help:

* Adds Curb Appeal. 

* Improves The Soil.

* Protects Against Temperature Changes.

* Conserves Moisture.

* Helps Prevents Weeds.

When it comes to sprucing up your landscape and improving your plants environment in a short period of time, adding mulch is a simple and speedy solution.

Pro Fencing And Landscaping


Fence Gate

Need a hidden gate. We have many styles to choose from. 

 *Provide Protection From Intruders.  

 *Increased protection from burglars. 

 *Keep Away Unwanted Guests. 

 *Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal.

 *Raise Your Home's Property Value.

 *Keep Children and Pets Safe.



We can help with tree removal, stump removal, and bushes removal. 

Stumps aren't pretty.

* Stumps are hazardous. 

* Stumps cause new tree growth. 

* Stumps are a pain to maneuver around. *Stumps attract insects. 

* Stumps take up precious yard space.



A pergola is an outdoor room with cross rafters and no walls that provides a light, airy and inviting space to relax, dine or just admire. A pergola creates visual interest, particularly if you have flowering and fragrant vines growing up and over the rafters and down the vertical posts. You can also dress up a pergola by hanging planters or other design elements from the rafters.

A pergola creates visual interest, particularly if you have flowering and fragrant vines growing up and over the rafters and down the vertical posts. You can also dress up a pergola by hanging planters or other design elements from the rafters.

Adding a pergola maximizes your usable outdoor space by adding an area for outdoor furniture that is somewhat protected from the elements, particularly if one wall of the structure is attached to your home or an outbuilding. This creates a windbreak and shelter from the rain.

Types Of Fences:


Wood Fence

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

Want a project that transforms your outdoor space? Build a new fence. A wood fence can offer security, provide seclusion, improve curb appeal and more. It changes how your outdoor space looks and functions. If you already have a fence, no problem. A few simple additions can turn your average fence into something spectacular. Wood is a historical favorite. It is attractive. Plus, it’s very versatile, coming in many different designs and styles. It works well for privacy fences, and you can paint it any color you like (or simply stain it).


Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

  Vinyl fencing is a resilient product, perfect for the fencing industry. While standard wooden fences tend to rot with age and require continuous staining and or painting, vinyl fencing is essentially carefree. 

Wooden fencing and vinyl fencing products cost roughly the same to install, though vinyl fencing may be a bit more expensive initially depending on local wood prices. However, since vinyl fencing wears better and carries a lifetime guarantee. 


Metal Fence

Vinyl Fence

Metal Fence

You can’t deny the strength of steel. Powerful, heavy, and long lasting, it can act as a protective barrier like a security gate. You can rack steel fencing to suit uneven or sloped land, and most steel fences are galvanized and covered in a powder coating to prevent rusting.

Pro Fencing And Landscaping

The Reasons for a Fence:

* SAFETY. One of the most popular reasons for a fence is to protect people and animals. 

* SECURITY. A fence will also prevent strangers from easily entering your property. 






Snow removal

Need help with snow removal. We at Pro Fencing And Landscaping can help. 

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